Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shakira melts with Miguel Bose, brand new song / Shakira se funde con Miguel Bose

Shakira made an awesome duet with the spanish singer Miguel Bose. The song, titled Si tu no vuelves (If you don't come back) was originally recorded only by Bose, but he decided to redo it for his 30 years of career celebration album. It includes also tracks with Michael Stripe (from R.E.M.), Ricky Martin, Juanes and Alejandro Sanz, among others.

Maybe you are not into spanish music, but you gotta give this a try. The arragement is beautiful. And the lyrics speak about a love that has been lost. Well the beauty isn't in the story, but in the way it has been told by Shaki and Bose.

Aquí está el súperdueto que Shakira hizo con Miguel Bosé para su disco celebratorio por 30 años de carrera. Me atrevo a decir que es la mejor versión de este tema, incluso super a la original. Arreglos impecables, orquestales. Y la pasión de ambos fundida.

Download the song here:
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