Friday, May 18, 2007

Marley, the Roses and the Stones sound like bossa nova

Imagine Bob Marley, Gun's n' Roses and The Rolling Stones, all of them on the same stage, with bossa/chill out colors added. Thats what can be heard in three very creative albums: Bossa n' Marley, Bossa n' Stones and Bossa n' Roses. Instead of getting loud with the Guns, you can flow and relax with their music. And thats the exact effect that the rest of the records have.

Last night I had the pleasure to see them live. The concert took place in the Radisson Eurobuilding hotel, here in Caracas, Venezuela. During about two hours the songs were played by a band, called The Amazonics. They are the ones that put their talent in the albums. What a nice party they gave.

Take a look at the pics up here and also download one of the tunes, included in Bossa n' Roses, their latest work:

I love what they do. It is so interesting yo hear two very different musical genres mixed up. Don't you think? Leave a comment.