Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New song by Garbage! / Nueva canción de garbage!

It has been two days since the last time that I posted a comment. Some events happened in my country, Venezuela. A national private channel, the most important, was closed by the President. He is trying to take off venezuelan's freedom of speech. You people can't do very much but I just wanted you to know. I haven't felt very good in here.

Well, let's forget about this for a moment, and get started with the good news. Garbage, one of my favorite bands, is about to release in june 1st a greatest hits album. It will include a new song called Tell me when it hurts. Here you have it. It will not be a smash radio hit, but its good indeed. Enjoy!

Olvidemos los problemas por un rato. Garbage lanzará el 1 de junio un disco de grandes éxitos, acompañado con una nueva canción, titulada Tell me when it hurts. Aquí la tienen. No será un éxitos radial, pero es buena igual. ¡Tripeen!


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